Al Review

"This was the most unique and meaningful trip I can remember going on. I can’t emphasize the authenticity of the experience enough. Our guide was incredible and introduced us to amazing people - artists, musicians, chefs and entrepreneurs. The work we did was impactful and left a lasting impression on me. The food was great and our trip organizers ensured we were having fun at all points. I was surrounded by amazing people and the more I talk about the trip with others, the greater the appreciation I have for the experience TVP cultivated for me."

- Alex, New York, NY TVP Costa Rica September 2017

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Sara Review

"Traveling with THE VACATION PROJECT was truly an amazing experience! The itinerary was incredible and really allowed you to dive into the Costa Rican Culture. Alongside with being amazing, TVP pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and travel in a way that I had never had the opportunity to do. Not only did we spend days relaxing and having fun but we also had the chance to give back to Costa Rica by spending some of the days volunteering. It was the most rewarding three days knowing that we helped make a difference in the world. I highly recommend going on these unique vacation experiences! The TVP founders are wonderful and professional individuals that will help you with anything you need along the way and make sure you have a blast!"

- Sara, Nashville, TN TVP Costa Rica September 2017

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Natalia Review

“Have you ever felt like the country you’re visiting surprises you every day? I have and it was thanks to THE VACATION PROJECT. I had been to Costa Rica about seven times before but I had NEVER experienced the country the way I did last week. From the welcoming city tour to the last glass of wine at our goodbye dinner, every detail and every personality in the group was accounted for (...) I made new friends and made long-lasting memories while rediscovering a country near and dear to my heart.”

-Natalia Navas, Costa Rica September 2017

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