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San Jose - Uvita - Osa Peninsula - Manuel Antonio

Exploring the Costa Rica art, food, and surf scene,
and volunteering with Osa Conservation



Our itinerary has been curated with our partners to give you access to exclusive experiences. Our NGO Partner Osa Conservation accepts volunteers, but if you were to go without TVP,  the required time frame is much longer given the amount of logistics, effort, and coordination it takes to get volunteers on location.  Through our exclusive partnership with Osa Conservation, we have unlocked an incredible opportunity to not only experience this unique peninsula and its unbelievable wildlife, but also contribute to it's ecological well-being.  All fitting into your vacation constraints!

The Osa Peninsula is one of the hardest to access, most remote pieces of land in Central America. Because of this, tourists or locals rarely visit this part of Costa Rica.  We have coordinated safe & comfortable transport from our other locations on the itinerary to make sure you get to experience this part of the world in all of it's awesomeness.

On this trip, you will have an awesome local guide - Esteban Montero - who is our partner in Costa Rica.  Esteban is born & bred in Costa Rica and is an expert on the off-the-beaten track spots of his country.  Esteban has a passion for music festivals, eco-development, and sustainable travel, and he has helped us form our Costa Rica itinerary with these passions in mind.  Some sneak peaks of what he has in store for TVP'ers are: a private chef experience in a Victorian home in San Jose, a visit to a local micro-brewery, and whale watching on a catamaran.  Get ready to put your friends' Costa Rica 'grams to shame because you're about to see the local side of this country. 


Who is our NGO partner?

Osa Conservation is committed to conserving the globally significant terrestrial and marine biological diversity of the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. Osa Conservation believes in a holistic approach to conservation, one grounded in the ecological, social, and economic relationships that shape the environment. Named by National Geographic as "the most biologically intense place on earth," the Osa peninsula is a true jewel of land, water, and life.
Osa Conservation works to protect the amazing habitats, ecosystems, and wildlife through many different initiatives. As a volunteer, you will get to work alongside a team of professional conservationists and get a unique, hands-on experience saving sea turtles, working on our a wildlife-friendly sustainable farm, or helping to monitor biodiversity. You will learn about conservation in a way you never could in a classroom, and the things that you learn will stay with you for the rest of your life. Take in the breathtaking sights and sounds of tropical paradise – all while helping protect this unique corner of the globe!
Learn more about Osa Conservation here:

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Traveling to Costa Rica with TVP was unlike any travel experience I have had before. Prior to the TVP trip in September, I had never been to Costa Rica or been part of a tour. I admittedly did not know what to expect giving up control of planning my trip, but could not have asked for a better experience. Every detail was expertly chosen, from the intimate welcome dinner giving the group time to meet one another, to the downtime built into volunteer days and ending with a relaxing day at the beach. Being part of this tour gave me the opportunity to see a side to Costa Rica I had no idea existed based on friends previous travel accounts. Participating in a beach clean up of an uninhabited beach and realizing how much trash washes up from ocean pollution was eye opening. Rescuing baby sea turtles the next day reinforced how important it is to keep our oceans and beaches clean. I cannot wait to be a part of future TVP trips!
— Amanda, New York, NY
This was the most unique and meaningful trip I can remember going on. I can’t emphasize the authenticity of the experience enough. Our guide was incredible and introduced us to amazing people - artists, musicians, chefs and entrepreneurs. The work we did was impactful and left a lasting impression on me. The food was great and our trip organizers ensured we were having fun at all points. I was surrounded by amazing people and the more I talk about the trip with others, the greater the appreciation I have for the experience TVP cultivated for me.
— Alex, New York, NY
Traveling with THE VACATION PROJECT was truly an amazing experience! The itinerary was incredible and really allowed you to dive into the Costa Rican Culture. Alongside with being amazing, TVP pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and travel in a way that I had never had the opportunity to do. Not only did we spend days relaxing and having fun but we also had the chance to give back to Costa Rica by spending some of the days volunteering. It was the most rewarding three days knowing that we helped make a difference in the world. I highly recommend going on these unique vacation experiences! The TVP founders are wonderful and professional individuals that will help you with anything you need along the way and make sure you have a blast!
— Sara, Nashville, TN


Team TVP sat down with our partner NGO in Costa Rica, Osa Conservation to ask them a few questions.



Our Co-Founder Mitchell Roy shares his thoughts on TVP's inaugural trip to Costa Rica.