Esteban's Top Five

If you haven’t traveled with THE VACATION PROJECT to Costa Rica you should… we are so proud of the itinerary we have built and it wouldn’t be possible without our country leader Esteban Montero. Check out Esteban’s top favorite things about Costa Rica here.


1- Piro Biological Research Station [Osa Conservation]: This is where we volunteer during our TVP trip to Costa Rica. Named by National Geographic as “the most biologically intense place on earth,” the Osa Peninsula is a true jewel of land, water, and life. Covering an area of just 700 square miles on the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica, the Osa’s geological history makes it home to a nearly unparalleled amount of biodiversity. This area has jaw dropping landscape, with nature being the connection to it's pinnacle- heart accelerating environment, flora and fauna quirky coexistence and a unique geological location.

 2- Buchon (Tapas/native cuisine) - This fairly new underground restaurant is located within a classic San José-style home re-done into everyone’s favorite neighborhood bar. Buchon’s head chef is the well known Luis Protti who chose this venue to focus on creating a menu filled with locally sourced and sustainable food. Buchon is a not a typical eatery that a traveler might encounter in Costa Rica and is an authentic and high end foodie destination.

3- Avenida del arte (street art Mecca): This is a well hidden secret in San Jose. This neighborhood has incredible and beautiful graffiti. This neighborhood is a great example of the artistic movement and expression and urban environment that is expanding in San Jose. You can either take a walking tour by a knowledgable artist or just stroll the streets on your own.


4- Uvita's "whale tail" (nature landmark) - If you pull up an image of Uvita, you will see a birds eye view of this natural wonder. In the town of Uvita there aren’t many accommodations for travelers making this a unique and pristine environment in Costa Rica.

5- Rio Celeste National Park: This park is considered one of Costa Rica's best kept secrets as well as one of the best places for hikers. Not only can travelers experience the phenomenon of the natural light blue and breath taking color, but can also experience an abundance of flora and fauna. Ancient legend has it that the gods dipped their paint brushes into the river while painting the sky.

If any of these places seem interesting get in touch with us or sign up and join us on our upcoming trip to Costa Rica this March! Esteban and the rest of the TVP team look forward to traveling with you soon!