Happy Birthday to Us!

TVP turns one year old this month and what a year it has been! This year has been quite an adventure and we wanted to kick off the celebrations by sharing some of our most memorable moments from the past year with all of you.

1. Picking our name - we were struggling to come up with the perfect name that would emobdy what we we were trying to build. We decided to spend an afternoon wandering around The Whitney Museum of American Art to get some inspo and it was that same afternoon that we came up with THE VACATION PROJECT.


2. While on our inaugural trip to Costa Rica we spent time learning how to plant Balsa trees from the workers at Osa Conservation and understanding just how much work goes into that 1 seed... which made planting in the scorching sun and knee deep mud so worth it... and especially when our 2nd TVP Costa Rica group went back to Osa in March and sent us photos of the trees growing up :)

22256774_1010658992452441_7254144786170655291_o (1).jpg

3. We believe that it is important to celebrate our successes and in October we were lucky enough to be able to invite our friends, family and the travel community to celebrate our launch. We rented a super cool space in the Lower East Side in NYC and tranformed it into THE VACATION PROJECT party central! It was so fun to showcase content from that first trip in Costa Rica, our partner NGOs and and our upcoming itineraries.

image 2.png

4. In January we travelled to Morocco and volunteering with the High Atlas Foundation. Seeing our travelers' relationships with their Berber host families go from awkward at the very first moment, to a deep emotional connection by the end of our 4 days there.  This showed us that there truly are no borders or barriers - whether it be lifestyle, religion, language - that separate us, and it's possible to make incredible connections with everyone no matter how different we are.

5. We always say that our trips are part service, part fun.  Well our favorite moment of our Nicaragua trip was the fun part... we had an incredible day on a catamaran, relaxing, meeting other travelers, swimming, drinking, eating local cuisine.  Basically it was the epitome of what vacation should feel like, and it's so important to have moments to unwind and disconnect like this.