Hidden Gems of the Balkans

Get ready to learn about the under-the-radar spots that you won't see on Instagram or on Yacht week...




"The Bay of Kotor" Kotor, Montenegro


Croatia gets all the love for picturesque seaside citadels and architecture but we think Kotor deserves some spotlight as well. Few other places in the world have the combination of pristine aqua marine water while also boasting, old world 12th century architecture as a a backdrop. No destination has quite the look of the bay of Kotor. The much instagrammed Sveti Stefan, a few miles south is no slouch but, we prefer its more reserved neighbor, Kotor




Rafting in Konjic, Bosnia


We adore Bosnia. Seriously, it might be the most charming place in all of Europe. From the majesty of the famous Mostar Bridge, to the rich historical significance of Sarajevo. But Konjic might embody all that we love more than any of our favorite cities here. The rafting is topnotch and honestly, find a more scenic place to battle the rapids? This is certainly not a place overrun with tourist and thats reflected in every aspect of the city. From the authentic food to the warm curiosity of the local residents.




"Oysters and Olive Groves" Ston, Croatia


Ever heard of Croatia? Well, every self respecting millennial, Generation Z'er (and even baby boomers) have made this country a mandatory Passport stamp over the last 5 years. So whats left? From Dubrovnik, to the plitvice lakes, to Hvar, to Pag, everyone has seen and covered it all right? Not quite. There are still some gems that are hovering below the radar in this majestic slice of the Balkans. Ston, Croatia tops our list of such gems. This seaside Hamlet has quite the reputation for its oysters and a sprawling defensive wall system, 2nd only to  the Great Wall of China. Bet you didn't know that huh? So enjoy some shellfish while taking in the rich historical relics, olive tree dotted landscapes and overall awesomeness this beauty has to offer.




"Top Hill" in Budva, Montenegro


One of the largest hedonistic havens in Southern Europe, Top Hill is the quintessential open air club, with an unconventional location. I'll give you one guess where you can find it...The trek up to the peak is well worth it as you will be privy to one of the best clubbing experiences in the world, that is still somehow under the radar. You'll find once you get to the top that a few other savvy revelers  are very much aware of this space. Witness the incredibly grandiose stage performances among a few thousand of your new friends.