Q & A with MDDC

Tell us a little bit about MDDC and what MDDC hopes to accomplish in Bosnia?


MDDC is a non-profit organization involved in many different aspects of mine action such as implementation and creation of mine clearance projects, training and deployment of mine detection dog teams, and other kinds of service dogs like drug and explosive detection dogs, search and rescue and police patrol dogs, also in mine risk education reaching out to thousands of people in Bosnia and Herzegovina to raise awareness on mine threat, and also mini victims assistance and peace building projects involving children. In Bosnia and Herzegovina we help reducing mine threat bringing this country closer to being mine-free by reducing the mine suspected area,  but for those who are already injured to help them in their psycho-physical rehabilitation.  We share our knowledge and experience with other mine-affected countries around the world.

How do you determine your projects?

We mainly apply for donations with specific projects which are highly important to mine affected communities. There are still towns and villages - communities where children and adults live close to the minefields and MDDC creates clearance and land release projects and applies to various possible donors. The main donor is US State Department. Restoring land for productive use and creating safe environment is the main guideline in creating mine related projects

How do you work with local communities?

In contact with mine action authorities and  representatives in the communities we either investigate the top priority projects or implement mine-risk education. Same can be applied in mine victims assistance, we help those who need help the most.

What do you enjoy about partnering with THE VACATION PROJECT?


I believe it may be good opportunity to educate TVP participants about the country and mines in this country, the real problems that people have and let them enjoy while they are here, feel good about helping because we also have large groups of children and adults who do volunteering and enjoy it.

What is your favorite part of the TVP Bosnia trip?

Meeting new people, learn from them and let us all help each other.

What would you say is unique about the programs you engage in to aid local communities (educational initiatives, health programs etc.)?

Children helping children, children helping adults, victims supporting victims, and our direct contact with local communities that seek help from us as an NGO

How do volunteers help your organization?

So far it has been only thgrough the CHAMPS (Children Against Mines) project that we discussed earlier where chidlren and teachers help their communities.