Our Favorite Jams

Whether it is dancing in a nightclub in Marrakech or driving through the jungle of Costa Rica, THE VACATION PROJECT trips are filled with music. We have spent many hours laughing and debating the merits of one Reggaeton artist or another and have also learned about new musicians who are inspired by the countries we visit. Here are some of our favorites:

Gnawa Music

We asked Errachid, our coordinator and guide with the High Atlas Foundation what he recommends. According to Errachid, this type of music “represents my home country more than other songs, which is originally an African music with a great Moroccan touch.”

Time by Jungle

Our Nicaraguan guide Carlos, affectionately known as Chompi, told us that he felt this song reflects his experience guiding our travelers in Nicaragua and reminds him of our latest adventures together this past February.

Jabalí Montuno by Sonámbulo

We love that our country leader Esteban is so passionate about music and art. When we told him we were compiling this list he suggested this Costa Rican artist and after listening to this song on while on the road to the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica we know you’ll love it as much as we do.

Mirage by Kuzo

If you are ever feeling tired after a day of volunteering at a school in Nicaragua or surfing in Costa Rica try listening to anything by Kuzo. We love listening to Kuzo when we're hanging out in our hotel and need to get back in the mood to head back out for one of those famous TVP nights out.

Electric Feel by MGMT

Our Co-Founder Mitchell loves playing this song on some of our road trips… creating an impromptu dance party. He also adds this song to our TVP office Friday afternoon playlists.

Me Rehúso by Danny Ocean

Our other Co-Founder Charlotte is infamous for playing her raggaeton playlist….despite the mentioned Mitchell’s displeasure. She has a very good selection but this is one of her favorite’s and is also a fan favorite particularly on our Costa Rica and Nicaragua trips.