Balkans Packing Guide

We're so excited to launch our inaugural trip to the Balkans in partnership with our friends at the Sailing Collective.  Given that this trip will be a mix of sailing and on-land adventure, we put together a packing guide to help you prep for the journey!

Let's start with the SAILING portion of the trip.  We'll kick off your vacation on a boat, which is awesome, but we know can be tricky to pack for.  Check out our tips below:

1. If possible, stick to a soft, duffle-type bag in order to maximize space on the boat.  There will be storage in all cabins, but massive, hard suitcases will be hard to store and a pain to lug around, so keep this in mind.

2. Bring all beach essentials - It will be peak summer weather in August, so all things sunscreen, sunglasses, beach towel, bathing suit, hat, flip-flops, etc. will be essential to your experience :)

3. Overall, August is extremely warm and sunny, but can get cooler at night and you never know when a summer shower could hit so bring a set of warm clothes and a rain coat just in case!

4. Provisions will be provided but it will be super handy to pack a water bottle to keep plastic use at minimum while at sea and for any onshore excursions you may decide to join.

5. The majority of this trip will be sailing casual but we recommend at least one or two "fancy" or going out for the night outfits.

6. And on that note... be sure to download your favorite summer playlist and bring along a jambox if you have one. Just remember that the Captain and our land guide in Bosnia have all veto power

7. Keep in mind that we will be staying on a boat for 4 days - if you tend to get seasick, plan ahead and bring anti-nausea medication if needed!

8. There will be outlets on the boat, it's always smart to have a portable phone charger to make sure you're always charged up and able to snap pics!

9. We suggest having about $300-600 in spending money for miscellaneous expenses that are not included in your TVP itinerary like alcohol and souvenirs.

10. In terms of accommodations, we've included some photos of the boat below so that you know where you'll be staying for 4 days!  The boat will be a Jeanneau 54 2016 to 2018 model.

Now onto the volunteer portion of the trip.  We've included tips below:

1. Our volunteer projects with MDDC will include activities like repainting dog training areas, so make sure to pack clothes you that don't mind if they get dirty or paint-spattered.

2. Keep in mind that we will be volunteering in peak summer, which means it will be very hot, so pack light clothes and tank tops.

3. It's always good to keep in mind closed-toe shoes like sneakers when working on service projects.

4. Lastly, we highly recommend booking travel insurance through our partners Global NomadsYou can learn more on this page, but we chose them because they give a portion of their proceeds to development projects worldwide, AND we find them to be the most affordable and trustworthy company out there.  Purchasing travel insurance means you're covered if things go wrong with your flights, luggage, or if you have a medical situation while traveling.  Plus it gives you peace of mind to fully enjoy your vacation with TVP :)


And that's all the tips we have! As always, if you have any specific questions reach out to us at and we'll get back to you ASAP!

See you on-board in August!

-The TVP team