Nicaragua Packing Guide

We're pumped to have you on board for our February Nicaragua trip!!  One of the biggest question we get from our travelers is... how do we pack for this thing?

Great question :)  We've put our heads together with our guide Carlos and NGO partner Glasswing, to outline all recommended packing tips and tricks. For the most part we're keeping it pretty Caj (how the cool kids say casual) with clothing on this one so keep that in mind when packing. Take a look below and reach out if you have any questions!!

1. Generally Nicaragua is a pretty casual place when it comes to dress, particularly in the beach towns. Virtually everywhere we will go will adhere to this ethos. The weather will be very warm throughout our itinerary so t shirts and flip flops will be staples of your day to day attire there. In the cities shorts and sneakers will work during the day.

2. When in town and going out for dinner and/or drinks, a dress for women and Khakis for guys will certainly be good to bring. Jeans are no problem as well but you might be better off with light pants due to the heat at night. For the guys, bringing a pair of brogues would be cool and for the ladies flat shoes are just fine but heels are also great. We will be going to mostly casual places so you won't have to worry about strict dress codes.

3. Shades will be kind of essential or at minimum a baseball cap for the beach and the cities during the day. I mean, the sun is great and all but a little shield never hurt. Speaking of a sun shield, sunblock will also be a pice to bring along with you.

4. Swim wear. We will have quite a bit of beach time so we suggest you bring at least two pieces of swimwear. For our Catamaran sailing, bringing something to wear over your swimsuit while we are on the boat would be cool to bring if you so choose also.

5. Service Project. We will be painting a cafeteria as a core task for our Service at School La Prusia with Glasswing. So that means bring clothes for this that you really don't mind getting dirty/paint on. I mean we're into the grunge look so feel free to take this fashion back home with you when you leave. For those who aren't, an old t-shirt and jeans plus sneakers you don't mind getting abstract art on are strongly recommended.

6. Luggage. We will have ample space in our Van to pack in all of your stuff but it always makes things easier to bring at least one squishy bag. So if you decide to bring a suitcase, a second duffel or backpack would be ideal. A backpack would also be helpful to double as a beach bag!

Reach out to us if you have any questions as you start to pack - we're here to answer any questions and consult with you!  We can be reached at

And as always please be respectful of the Nicaraguan culture, as you would be when at home. Basically just be the great human being you always are :)

Thank you and we are honored that you chose to travel with The Vacation Project!