Packing Guide & Cultural Tips: Morocco New Years 2018 Trip

We're so excited to have you on board for our Morocco New Years 2018 trip!!  The biggest question we get from our travelers is... how the heck do we pack for this trip?

Great question :)  We've put our heads together with our Marrakechi guide Simo and our NGO partner the High Atlas Foundation to outline all recommended packing tips and tricks.  Take a look below and reach out if you have any questions!!

  1. Modest Clothing: While Morocco (and especially Marrakech) can be extremely Western in terms of culture and ideals, when we are in the Media in Marrakech and especially when we are staying in the village in the Atlas Mountains, it is important to dress in modest clothing.  For the women, this means covering anything around your shoulders, above the knee, and chest. Luckily, we are visiting during the wintertime, so heat shouldn't be a problem.  Keep in mind that temperatures in Marrakech will be around 60 degrees.  We've linked a few recommendations below:
  2. Clothing to go out in Marrakech: As we mentioned above, places outside of the Medina in Marrakech can be very western.  This means for evenings out, such as our NYE party, you have the flexibility to wear more western clothing such as dresses and high heels.  When I was in Marrakech for New Years last year, the attire reminded me of New Years Eve in New York!  Some of the dinner spots we have reserved will also have a "no sneaker" and collared shirt policy for the men, so make sure to pack a pair of shoes and a nice shirt.
  3. Sunglasses: Even though it is winter in Morocco, we will be spending a lot of time outside.  For example, one morning we will be hiking to a waterfall in the Atlas Mountains, so don't forget your sunnies!
  4. Hiking Boots: Speaking of hiking.... it would be ideal if we all could bring hiking boots for the portion of our stay in the Atlas Mountains.  We will be hiking one day, and then our volunteer projects will require us to walk in the mountains to the farm or to the school.  We've linked a few affordable and fast-shipping options from Amazon below:
  5. Headlamp: While in the Atlas Mountains, it would also be ideal if we all have headlamps.  From early morning hikes, to walking back from group dinners to our home-stays, there obviously won't be a lot of lighting in the mountains, so we will need headlamps.  We have linked a few inexpensive options below:
  6. Warm Winter Clothes: In the Atlas Mountains, it is important to pack warm winter clothing.  Temperatures will drop in the evenings, and its important to have layers like the below to keep warm!
  7. Duffel Bag: It will be possible to leave our large suitcases in Marrakech when we go to the Atlas Mountains.  Simo - our guide - has arranged a secure place for them to be locked away while we are outside of the city.  For this reason, it is possible for you to only bring a small duffel bag with you to the Atlas Mountains with your clothes for the portion of this trip.  This will make it easier to not have large suitcases in our home stays.  We've linked a few affordable duffel bags below:
  8. And not to forget.... a bathing suitWe'll have a hot tub on the roof of our riad, and are planning some pool time to relax on January 1.... and maybe swim off our NYE hangovers :) So.... don't forget your swimmers :)

Reach out to us if you have any questions as you start to pack - we're here to answer any questions and consult with you!  We can be reached at

Lastly, not to do with your packing list, but a few cultural tips to keep in mind.  Since we will be staying in peoples' homes, it's important that we stay respectful and follow a few guidelines:

  • No alcohol is permitted in the homes of our hosts
  • Modest dress is recommended
  • Please let us know via the pre-travel checklist if you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions.  However, please keep an open mind when in the Atlas Mountains and be ready to taste different foods.  Our host families will be taking the time to cook for us and show us their cuisine, so let's be open and excited for new tastes and dishes!!

Thanks and happy packing!!!